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As something of a political history junky, I've always found presidents to be interesting characters. Some of them are more interesting than others, of course, but they're all curiosities in their own right. It's also often fun to imagine how events might have panned out had an election gone the other way, making for a lot of "what if" scenarios arm-chair historians such as myself enjoy contemplating. As such, I though it might be fun to create my very own political top—or, in some cases, bottom—ten lists for your entertainment (assuming, of course, that you're the type of person who finds top ten lists entertaining). Do keep in mind that these lists are purely my opinion so I understand if you don't agree with them. Even then, however, you still might find them, if not thought-provoking, at least annoying. Enjoy!


Since I've never cared for the word miscellaneous, I thought odds n' ends would be a better moniker for the place that articles that don't fit anywhere else go to languish in relative obscurity. Most of these are of a political or historical nature and have nothing to do with the paranormal. A few are even funny (though that is always subject to opinion). In any case, hopefully you'll find something in here that will prove to be, if not food for thought, at least a light snack for the intellect.